Oak Tree Restoration

Oaks are particularly susceptible to fungus attacks and can be brought back from near death with the specialized and knowledgeable care that we are known for.  



Fungus is perhaps the oldest form of life on the planet.  It is not going away.
In Santa Barbara and Montecito, fungus routinely ravages old growth trees to the dismay of many homeowners who have tried in vain to eradicate it.   If you suspect your trees are under attack, we can ameliorate that problem!

A true sign of a fungus attack

A true sign of a fungus attack

Insect Infestation

Oaks and Pines are susceptible to insect invasions that can kill an old growth tree in a very short time if left unattended.


Drought Issues Resolved - GUARANTEED!

Santa Barbara is no stranger to drought.  In these times of scarce water, it is of utmost importance to get the water your landscape needs while using the minimum amount of water necessary to maintain its beauty.  We have many techniques that will accomplish exactly that. 


Opening Views

Oftentimes we come across a distressed customer who purchased their home with beautiful mountain or ocean views, only to have these glorious views blocked in a few years by growing and out of control trees. TLC can bring back your property views while maintaining the aesthetic you desire.


Innovative Sculpting for Privacy

Privacy is important.  We can extend your privacy barrier to block your neighboring homes and provide the privacy you want!



Assuring your home and neighbors are safe

A common nightmare around town is that of overgrown trees in the midst of high winds and rain soaked ground.  This is a recipe for disaster.  These people failed to heed Mr. Tyburn's warning!