Sudden Limb Drop!
Ever heard of “Sudden Limb Drop”?
I never had until last week, when I called Gene Tyburn of TLC Tree Services to come out to my Montecito residence. As part of his tree assessment tour of my property, Gene warned me that a couple of eucalyptus trees, we were standing near, were at risk for “Sudden Limb Drop”.
I was dithering about whether to care when the very next day, with no wind, no quake to encourage it, a huge 20-inch diameter, 30-foot-long limb came crashing down from one of those eucalyptus trees, crushing the plants and hardscape below, but fortunately no human casualties.

So neighbors, I encourage you to learn about Sudden Limb Drop. Get an expert arborist like Gene Tyburn out to your place and take any warnings seriously!
— Jay Fender - Montecito, CA.

Park East Apartments is a large, park-like, 5 acre rental property in Santa Barbara. We have been working with Gene Tyburn of Tender Loving Care for approximately 15 years. We have many mature trees on the property and Gene has expertly trimmed and cared for our trees and is a true master arborist. Gene’s expert knowledge has greatly enhanced the natural beauty of our property.
— Anita Mills - Property Mgr - Park East Apts.

We purchased our home in Goleta. Having many trees and shrubs in the yard, we were attracted by the potential it had to become a fantastic and relaxing private garden, but the job was overwhelming. We noticed another home in our neighborhood with many very beautiful trees that made this home one of the jewels of the area, and inquired as to who maintained their trees. We were referred to TLC Trees and gave Mr. Tyburn a call. After being given a very personalized and informative walkthough of our trees and shrubs, we decided to go with his company.
The difference this arborist has made is hard to describe. Not only have we kept his services, but we have the most actively producing fruit trees in the area as well as the stunning and very private garden setting we envisioned when we purchased the home!
— Zeina Ellis Worth - Goleta, CA.

The best in Santa Barbara!
Not only pruning, but rejuvinating and repairing sick and damaged trees.
Santa Barbara’s premier Oak Tree expert!!
— Bob Shook

I’ve known Gene Tyburn for over 40 years.
Gene is a consumate professional.
If Gene tells you that your trees are in trouble, it’s because he cares. Ask the city of Santa Barbara as he advised them that a large tree was in peril (to no avail) and approximately 1 month later it fell! Gene has always been forthright and more than fair in his business.
— Beau Y. - Santa Barbara, CA.

We have used Gene Tyburn and his company for tree care for 20 plus years. Recently they worked a miracle again, trimming our trees so that they not only look fantastic, but we can see through them down the canyon. They’ve pruned, fed, medicated, given advice & monitored tree health. TLC has done all kinds of work for us and we wouldn’t call anyone else for tree care.
— Judy R. - Santa Barbara, CA

Gene Tyburn’s company is without a doubt the premier tree service in all of Santa Barbara. Trees are such important part of any property. Neglected trees devalue your property in the eyes prospective buyers and detract from the true aesthetic beauty that your property may have. If you want to bring out the best then TLC trees of Santa Barbara should be your first choice.
— Cory T. - Santa Barbara, CA.

Integrity is Everything
— Gene Tyburn


TLC Trees will attend to your trees with the utmost professional care.  We educate and empower our customers regarding the proper tree care their trees will require. TLC will never compromise quality for time.


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